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Trucking Accidents

Poorly trained truckers in enormous commercial vehicles have been known to collide violently with motorists in smaller conventional vehicles, causing catastrophic, life-changing injuries to their drivers and passengers.

Did you know that every 15 minutes, someone is killed or seriously injured in a tractor trailer accident, also known as 18-wheelers, big rigs, or semi-trucks? In fact, approximately 500,000 trucking accidents occur in the United States each year, with approximately 5,000 resulting in death.

When you’re in an accident with a big rig, things can get a lot more complicated than when you’re in a regular traffic accident. Understanding the most common causes of trucking accidents, the laws that apply, and the relationships between the parties involved (those connected to the truck, trailer, and load) can assist you in determining whether you have a valid personal injury claim following a truck accident.

When it comes to trucking accident lawyers in Phoenix and Glendale, AZ, having the right legal representation is essential. AJ Law PLC, specializes in trucking accident cases, understanding the complexity and severity of such incidents. Our experienced trucking accident lawyers are committed to providing expert guidance and fighting for your rights. We’re committed to holding negligent parties accountable, ensuring justice for our clients while easing the burdens that these accidents can bring. With a focus on accountability and justice, our team is dedicated to easing the burdens these accidents can bring, helping you on your journey to recovery.

Here are some things to know about trucking accidents:


Truck collisions are usually more serious and often fatal.


In truck accidents, the damage sought is frequently much higher than in car accidents.


Multiple parties are frequently involved.

So, how do you determine who is the responsible party when involved in a trucking accident? It may be difficult to determine who is to blame for a truck accident without the use of accident reconstruction and other similar techniques. Depending on the complexity of your case, we may decide to collaborate with a variety of experts who will examine accident reports and police records while recreating the scene to determine liability. This is shared by multiple parties in many truck accident cases, including the trucker and his or her employer.

Since tractor trailer, big rig, and semi-truck accidents can be more complicated than a car accident, you should contact us today at our Glendale, AZ office to discuss the accident with one of our experienced attorneys.

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