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Personal Injury
All injury claims are handled by a lawyer, not a paralegal or a case manager, which is common at many of the law firms in Arizona. When you call AJ LAW, a lawyer answers your call and works your case from start to finish. We take an aggressive, steady approach to getting maximum compensation for victims.
Auto Accidents
Car and Truck Accidents
A serious injury from a car accident can be a life changing event. If you do not seek the right lawyer before talking to the insurance company, the results may be more devastating than the accident itself. You may be blamed for an accident you did not cause and denied the money you are legally entitled to.
Insurance Claims
First and Third Party Claims
AJ Law focuses on both injury and insurance related claims. Often times, an injured party has claims against both the third party and his/her own insurance carrier.
Dog Bites
Animal Attacks and More
Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but some are very dangerous. If you are bitten by a dog, seek immediate medical attention and call the police. The laws governing dogs are different in every state. Call AJ LAW today for a free consultation and know your rights in Arizona.
Burn Injuries
Fire Injuries and Accidents
A burn may be the most painful and devastating injury one can have. Obtaining an experienced lawyer who understands how to investigate the cause of the fire or burn makes all the difference.
Property Damage
Homeowner’s Claims
You may have heard the story about someone who paid homeowners insurance for many years, and the first time they filed a claim, it was denied by the insurance company. Worse more, the insurance company cancelled the policy. Do not let this happen to you. If you believe you have a claim for property damage, call AJ LAW to ensure that you do not get cheated by your insurance company.
Traumatic Injuries
Brain and Spinal Injuries
Sadly, many brain injuries from accidents go un-diagnosed. AJ LAW will ensure that you have access to the proper medical care needed to diagnose and treat brain, spinal and any other traumatic injuries. Even a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury, contrary to what insurance companies and their adjusters may tell you.
Wrongful Death
No amount of money can ever replace the loss of a family member, but AJ LAW will help you obtain compensation to help you and your family achieve a sense of justice.

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